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They came for the loggers ... but no one defended them.

            Now we buy lumber from Canada.

They came for the coal miners ... but no one defended them.

            Now we need more oil.

They came for the oil drillers ... but no one defended them.

            Now we buy it from the Middle East.

They came for the fishermen ... but no one defended them.

            Now we buy from countries with polluted waters.

They came for the clean hydro-power dams ... but no one defended them.

            Now electric rates are sky high.

They came for the miners ... but no one defended them.

            Now government controls the mineral rights.

They came for the ranchers ... but no one defended them. 

            Now the beef comes from foreign countries.

They came for the farmers ... but no one defended them.

            Now Americans must buy foreign food AND foreign oil. 

Then they came for me and my family ...

            But there was no one left to defend US! 



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Meet Commissioner Ronny Rardin from New Mexico - a guy with real solutions for We the People!!!!!

Otero County Commission Chairman Ronny Rardin is standing up to the federal government and preserving county citizens' rights to manage the portion of Lincoln National Forest within the boundaries of Otero County.

"On Sept. 17, 2011, Otero County took one acre of land that the United States national forest manages," Rardin proclaimed at the Republican Party meeting in Otero County. "They don't own that land. I can prove it. You own it. It belongs to New Mexico."   READ MORE


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